Clayton County Commissioner Fired From Her Job After She Was Found Passed Out Drunk By Police Wants To Sue

by Gee NY

Former Clayton County Board of Commissioners vice chair Felicia Franklin, whose removal from office stirred controversy, is set to take legal action against the county.

The controversy arose when police bodycam footage captured Franklin in an incapacitated state outside a Morrow, Georgia bar.

While the video suggested intoxication, Franklin insists that she had been drugged with a “date rape pill,” specifically GHB. She plans to sue the county, challenging her removal and emphasizing the need for increased safety measures at public events.

In a Facebook post, Franklin detailed her troubling experience, stating that medical professionals believed she was drugged.

Morrow Police, however, released the results of a urinalysis, indicating the presence of alcohol and cannabis but no evidence of other drugs. Despite calls for her resignation, Franklin resisted, deeming her removal unlawful.

The decision to vacate Franklin’s seat was backed by board chairman Jeff Turner, who emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive image for the citizens of Clayton County.

DeMont Davis, the newly appointed vice-chair, acknowledged the need to address such incidents caught on camera and expressed the board’s commitment to regaining public confidence.

Notably, even before her removal, Franklin announced her candidacy for the position of chairwoman of the Clayton County Board of Commissioners in the upcoming 2024 elections.

The specifics of the lawsuit she plans to file have not been disclosed. Franklin remains positive despite the challenges and has urged everyone to count their blessings and embrace hope, joy, love, and peace.

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