Kenya Moore Offers Gizelle Bryant Reunion Advice: ‘You Cannot Sit There and Get Read Down, Every Single Time’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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The “Real Housewives of Potomac” reunion wrapped up on Sunday, and all the ladies faced their fair share of grilling from Andy Cohen, Nicki Minaj and the other ladies.

However, Kenya Moore thinks her friend Gizelle Bryant needs to up her game when it comes to “reading” the Housewives.

“Gizelle knows I have told her every single reunion, ‘Gizelle, call me first before you do a reunion.’ Does Gizelle call me? Clearly, she doesn’t. I’m like, ‘Gizelle, you are too smart, you are too pretty, and you are the face of RHOP. You cannot sit there and get read down, every single time… every single reunion,” Kenya said on Instagram Live. “You cannot be a queen if you’re getting read like that. Stop. You need to learn how to read.'”

Kenya defended Gizelle when a viewer called her “messy.”

“I mean, people call me messy too. I mean, come on, it’s a job right? If we weren’t messy, I read when you guys are like, ‘Oh, Kenya needs to be messy.’ Stop. You can’t win either way,” Kenya responded.

It’s not the first time Gizelle has been labeled as such. At some point, almost all of the Housewives have called her “messy.”

In a Bravo blog post, Candiace Dillard went a step further:

“At this point, nothing foul, foolish or messy that Gizelle does surprises me. If there’s an opportunity to spread fairytales and fallacies across the nations, she already has the t-shirt, the keychain, and the certification. And of course, Robyn believes her. It’s like Groundhog Day with tacky clothes.”

This season. Gizelle was accused of spreading rumors about Dr. Wendy Osefo’s husband and setting Ashley Darby on her. Gizelle denied she was being messy even claimed that she had spoken to Dr. Wendy privately on the phone ahead of filming.

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