Keri Hilson Warns Radiation from 5G Wireless Caused the Coronavirus

by Yah Yah
Keri Hilson

Singer Keri Hilson is trending online early Monday morning after warning her fans that the coronavirus could have been caused by radiation emitted from the 5G wireless network.

“People have been trying to tell us about 5G for YEARS. Petitions, organizations, studies…what we’re going thru is the affects of radiation. 5G launched in China Nov. 1, 2019. People dropped dead,” she wrote, urging her followers to “Turn off 5G by disabling LTE” on their phones.

Hilson shared several screenshots from an article, as well as a video explaining an apparent link between radiation and global pandemics.

“Why do you think the virus is not happening in Africa like that? Not a 5G region. There may be a few bases there, but not as prevalent as other countries. It has nothing to do w/ melanin (for those theories)…” she wrote in a separate tweet.

Since last week, shutdowns across the country have bee announced. The Centers for Disease Control has also recommended that all gatherings of more than 50 people be banned.

“Eerily close to the Nov launch. In a 2019 Netflix Documentary, Bill Gates himself warned of a global health pandemic that would originate in China. Researchers & organizations have done studies, made petitions, and issued warnings of the dangers of 5G over the past few years,” her post reads.

Social media are currently torn over Hilson’s claims. While some praised her for researching the virus, others clammed her as a conspiracy theorist — even questioning the star’s sanity.

You can make up your own minds. Check out the video below.

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