Black Student In China Takes To TikTok To Recount How She Is Constantly Being Told She’s Pretty But Too Dark

by Gee NY

A Black TikTok creator known as A Baby Queen has shared her experiences as a student in China, and how she gains attention for her grace and the cultural differences she had to endure.

Rosie, as she is known on TikTok, returned to China in July and has been documenting her life, studies, and interactions on the platform. Fluent in Mandarin,

Rosie’s videos showcase her navigating Chinese culture, addressing stereotypes, and enjoying local cuisine. In one video posted in late January, she sheds light on a common topic: the perception of her appearance.

In this particular video, a woman compliments Rosie’s eyes but remarks on her dark skin. With a smile, Rosie acknowledges the cultural difference in beauty standards between China and the United States.

The woman candidly expresses:

“We Chinese people don’t find dark skin beautiful. That’s Chinese beauty standards. Your face looks pretty, but you just a bit too dark.”

Rosie, undeterred, takes it in stride, emphasizing the importance of cultural understanding. In other videos, she shares snippets of her life as the only international and Black student in her class, pursuing a degree in the financial sector.

Despite not revealing her university or major, Rosie provides a glimpse into her daily experiences and her challenges as an international student.

Not all encounters are positive, as Rosie recounts moments where her hair is touched by a curious passerby who comments on its texture.

Another person suggests that she dyed her skin black, implying disbelief in her status as a foreigner due to her impressive Mandarin skills.


Replying to @The Johnsons sorry but she was so cute and nice to me, she was not rude so I had to let her touch it ..and also she never met a black person before ,so the curiosity is pretty normal #foryou #babyqueen #viral #blackinchina #speakingchinese #foryoupage

♬ original sound – 思玲babyqueen

In the face of such comments, Rosie maintains her composure, attributing her focus to her studies and future plans. Undeterred by negativity, she responds with a smile, stating that she has more pressing matters, such as excelling in her classes.

The TikTok creator addresses racism with resilience, choosing not to engage in negativity and focusing on her academic pursuits. She openly shares her struggles as an international student, highlighting the financial challenges and restrictions on working in China.

Rosie’s approach to adversity has resonated with her audience, showcasing her ability to navigate cultural differences with a positive attitude.

Similar experiences are shared by other Black content creators living in China, like Yinka Ajala, who also choose understanding over confrontation in their interactions with locals.

Rosie’s TikTok journey continues to unfold, offering a unique perspective on the life of a Black international student in China.


Not like I do tolerate it but I kinda do accept on pass on it… #foryou #recommendations #viral #foryoupage

♬ original sound – 思玲babyqueen

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