Lena Waithe Addresses Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Aziz Ansari

by Yah Yah

Lena Waithe has remained silent after allegations of sexual misconduct against her Master of None co-star, Aziz Ansari made headlines.

Creator of Showtime‘s, The Chi, and Emmy award-winning writer has finally broken her silence.

Waithe, 33, talked about the incident on KPCC’s The Frame radio show

“Here’s the truth — in every situation, it’s not always black and white,” she told KPCC’s The Frame radio show. “And I know that’s simple for people, and it’s easy for people to [ASK], ‘Whose side are you on?’ There are no sides, really, in some of these scenarios. I’m not on Harvey Weinstein’s side; I’m not on Kevin Spacey’s side. But I think you have to take each situation (individually). You can’t just say, ‘Well, I’m on this person’s team, or I’m on that person’s team.’ It doesn’t work that way.”

She also added:

“It’s about really educating ourselves and not stepping in it and just [saying], Oh, I’m sorry. My bad — and sort of keep going. But it’s about really sitting with yourself and educating yourself in terms of what consent is, what it looks like, what it feels like, what it sounds like. And all of us starting to really act accordingly based on this new information that I think we have now. We all gotta start talking to each other, start educating each other.”

Waithe also opened up about being openly gay in Hollywood and the need for diverse voices in the industry.

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