Viola Davis Launches New Publishing Partnership To Champion Diverse Voices in Literature

by Gee NY
Viola Davis Launches New Publishing Partnership

Celebrated actress, author, and now publisher Viola Davis has embarked on a new chapter in her illustrious career with the launch of JVL Media.

According to a report by Ebony, JVL is set to be a groundbreaking publishing venture aimed at amplifying diverse voices and fostering inclusive storytelling.

Teaming up with her husband, Julius Tennon, both renowned figures in the realms of film, television, and theater production, Davis has joined forces with visionary author and publisher Lavaille Lavette to introduce JVL Media to the world.

This independent publishing company is set to make waves in the literary landscape by delivering a carefully curated selection of titles to readers worldwide through strategic collaborations with leading book publishing houses.

“This endeavor embodies our collective aspiration—to champion and elevate voices that resonate with authenticity and are often overlooked,” shares Davis, whose own memoir, “Finding Me,” captivated audiences upon its release in 2022.

With a commitment to showcasing diverse perspectives and narratives, JVL Media is poised to make a splash with its inaugural lineup of non-fiction and fiction titles.

Among the debut releases are “Had to Lose to Win: The Tiki Davis Story” by Tiki Davis, “The Inclusion Leader Genius” by Dr. Johne Battle, “New Hope” by Tanya Wright—a compelling work of female-centric fiction—and “Black States of America” by D. E. Rogers, a captivating sci-fi epic.

Looking ahead, JVL Media has ambitious plans to expand its literary offerings to encompass children’s books and young adult titles starting in fall 2025.

“JVL Media stands as a beacon for inclusive and nuanced storytelling. We are devoted to fostering joy, inspiring wonder, and unlocking the limitless power of literature to unite us all,” said Lavette.

With Viola Davis at the helm, JVL Media is poised to leave an indelible mark on the literary world, championing diverse voices and stories that reflect the rich tapestry of human experience.

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