LHHATL’s Omeretta Claps Back at Body-shaming Troll: ‘This is Why So Many Girls Looking Like Ants Right Now’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Atlanta artist Omeretta the Great fired back at a troll who suggested that she’d be more attractive if she had a bigger behind.

“If she had a ass she would b the baddest chocolate thang alive on god! She jus need a lil more ass man,” the person wrote.

Omeretta, who is starting to carve out her own lane in the rap industry, took time to respond to the opinionated fan.

“This is weird af,” she wrote along with a screenshot of the comment. “This is why so many girls walking looking like ants right now. Aint sh-t wrong with my body. I got enough a– to fit my body size. Please this is not a compliment.”

There’s a lot of pressure on female celebrities and women in general to adopt a certain look these days. The BBL has become a hot topic of discussion, with many women choosing to surgically enhance figures rather than embrace their god-given curves.

Omeretta is fine with what God has given her.

She then continued in the caption, “Ima just leave this here… I’m so happy I’m confident in the skin I was born in cuz this internet sh!t got folks tripping. It’s nothing wrong with having a normal body I wish people stop letting comments like this drive them to change stuff about they selves that’s already Perfect… don’t nobody gotta like the way you look expect the person u go home to every night and if they don’t like it u need a new person!!! Period💋”

Omeretta landed a spot on season 10 of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” Earlier this year, she made headlines after she revealed that a music executive from a label spread a nasty rumor about her after she rejected his advances.

“I had someone from a big ass record label, and he was texting me like 3 o’clock in the morning trying to talk to me. I didn’t respond, then I heard he was running around telling everybody he f–ked me. So, it was like, soon as you don’t give someone what they want now you speaking bad on my name,” she told “Bars on I-95.”

She did not name the exec.

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