Long Queue Greets Pinky Cole’s Slutty Vegan Pop-Up Location In Camp Springs, Maryland: “Issa Slutty Vegan Takeover”

by Gee NY
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Camp Springs, Maryland, witnessed an extraordinary turnout as fans eagerly lined up for Pinky Cole’s Slutty Vegan pop-up event on Wednesday, May 22, 2024.

The excitement was palpable as the queue began forming two hours before the official start time, demonstrating the high anticipation for the renowned plant-based eatery.

Pinky Cole, the visionary behind Slutty Vegan, has gained a massive following for her innovative and indulgent vegan creations.

The pop-up event in Camp Springs was no exception, drawing a diverse crowd eager to experience the menu that has taken the vegan food scene by storm.

In a celebratory post on social media, the Slutty Vegan team shared their excitement:

“Two hours before starting and the line is forming in Camp Springs, Maryland 🎉🎉🙌🏽 Issa Slutty Vegan takeover‼️”

The event showcased Slutty Vegan’s signature dishes, including their famous burgers and loaded fries, all crafted to satisfy even the most ardent meat-lovers.


The enthusiastic response in Camp Springs is proof of the growing popularity of vegan cuisine and the strong community support for local food entrepreneurs.

Pinky Cole’s pop-up was not just about serving delicious food; it was a vibrant community gathering, reflecting the positive impact of Slutty Vegan’s mission to make veganism accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

As the line snaked around the block, it was clear that Slutty Vegan’s reputation continues to grow, captivating new and loyal fans alike with each new location they visit.

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