Innovative! Army Veteran Creates New Military Caps With Silk Liners That Protect Coarse And Curly Hair

by Gee NY
Natasha Hinds

Army veteran Natasha Hinds is revolutionizing military headgear with her innovative silk cap liners, aiming to promote healthy hair and protect sensitive skin for service members.

As the founder and CEO of Keep Your Hair Headgear, Hinds has introduced these silk liners to military caps, addressing a longstanding issue faced by soldiers with coarse and curly hair.

With traditional caps often causing discomfort and damage to hair and skin, Hinds recognized the need for a solution.

Her silk military cap liners, now available in 156 National and Overseas Exchange Retail Stores and 10 National Navy Exchange Retail Stores, offer a game-changing alternative.

The silk material not only provides a smooth and comfortable surface for the wearer but also helps prevent hair breakage and skin irritation.

For Hinds, this venture goes beyond just creating a product; it’s about supporting the well-being of fellow service members.

Drawing from her own experiences in the Army, she understands the importance of addressing the unique needs of military personnel, especially concerning personal grooming and comfort.

“Our unique mission is to protect your precious hair from breakage realized from wearing moisture-absorbing wool, cotton, and nylon headwear,” says Natasha. 

Hinds has been receiving praise on Instagram after Brown And Black Success posted the story about her innovative caps on their Instagram page.

“I’ve been looking for something like this for 13 years!!!! 🙌🏾” one user exclaimed.

Another said:

“I’m melanin deficient but I would love one of those for my coarse wavy hair!”

@ms_ladi21 also posted:

“Congratulations ma’am and fellow vet. ❤️”

The introduction of these silk cap liners marks a significant step forward in military gear innovation, providing a practical and beneficial solution for service members across various branches.

As Keep Your Hair Headgear continues to expand its presence in retail stores, Hinds remains committed to supporting the well-being of military personnel and promoting positive grooming practices within the armed forces.

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