Marikit ‘Kitchie’ Laurico, Close Aide to Floyd Mayweather, Dead at 47

by Xara Aziz
Instagram @iamjamiefoxx

The boxing world is currently in a state of mourning after it has been confirmed that Floyd Mayweather’s close aide died Friday.

Sources say Marikit ‘Kitchie’ Laurico, 47, died from a heart attack although the exact cause of death is unknown. Mayweather has yet to publicly speak on his assistant’s death but others took to social media to bereave Laurico’s passing, including actor and comedian Jamie Foxx, who was a close friend of the deceased.

“I know they say the god doesn’t make mistakes, but come on man, not @ikitchie my heart is shattered. Just saw you two weeks ago. So many questions why… rest beautifully my blessed friend gone too soon gone for no reason,” he wrote in an Instagram post.

Laurico was known to be an instrumental part of Mayweather’s career and would often travel with the boxing champ for events, fights and press conferences.

An outpouring of fans has since come out to pay their respects to Laurico.

“Condolences. scripture says Gods ways are not our ways. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. As much as the loss of your beloved friend hurts and confuses you, her assignment was complete,” one fan wrote. “None of us knows the day nor the hour. We must all be ready in a twinkling of an eye. Many blessings for comfort and peace during this difficult time.”

“Speak her name and keep her living in you heart and mind and she will remain close to you. She is still present with us just not in the physical. The living soul of God can not die,” wrote another.

On her Instagram page Sunday, her family posted about her passing in an emotional tribute.

“Our brilliant star Kitchie abandoned the physical garment…the angels of Thy loving0kindness descended successively upon her and have ascended her to the spiritual world. We thank all of you who have reciprocated genuine love and positive energy with her.”

The post continued: “We are grateful for your patience and honoring our privacy. Homegoing/celebration of life arrangements for Kitchie are currently in progress and updated information will e shared accordingly.”

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