Man Arrested After Stomping On 15-Year-Old McDonald’s Worker In Brutal Attack

by Gee NY
Aryiah Lynch

A shocking incident at a McDonald’s in St. Louis has led to the arrest and charging of a 25-year-old man, Johnny Ricks, for allegedly assaulting a 15-year-old employee in a vicious attack that left the teenager hospitalized.

The altercation, which occurred on April 7 at the McDonald’s on Parker Road in unincorporated St. Louis County, escalated into chaos, prompting a swift response from St. Louis County Police.

Reports indicate that Ricks, along with a group of associates, engaged in a brawl with McDonald’s employees, culminating in a brutal assault on Aryiah Lynch, the 15-year-old victim.

Video footage obtained by First Alert 4 captured the horrifying moment when Ricks allegedly grabbed Lynch by her braids, dragged her across the parking lot, and proceeded to stomp on her head with his shoe.

Lynch also endured multiple punches to the face during the altercation.

Lynch, who underwent surgery for her injuries, spoke out about the traumatic experience, expressing shock and disbelief over the brutal attack.

The incident reportedly began in the McDonald’s drive-thru, where Ricks and his associates were causing a disturbance before escalating into violence upon entering the restaurant.

Witnesses described a chaotic scene inside the McDonald’s, with Ricks and his group allegedly spitting on employees and throwing objects.

At one point, Ricks reportedly threw a food tray at an electronic menu screen, causing significant damage.

As Lynch continues to recover from her injuries, a GoFundMe campaign has been launched to assist with her medical expenses.

Despite the campaign’s success in raising over $33,000, Lynch’s injuries, including frontal lobe damage, a broken nose, and facial lacerations, necessitate ongoing medical care.

Meanwhile, Ricks faces charges of second-degree assault and second-degree property damage in connection with the incident.

His bond has been set at $150,000 cash-only, and he remains in custody at the St. Louis County Justice Center pending a bond reduction hearing on April 25.

The brutal attack on Aryiah Lynch has sparked outrage and renewed calls for justice, as authorities work to hold Ricks accountable for his alleged actions.

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