Meet The Woman Who Broke Barriers At Harley Davidson To Become First Black Female Technician

by Gee NY
Paris McGowan

In an industry often dominated by men, Paris McGowan has shattered glass ceilings as the first Black female technician for the renowned motorcycle brand, Harley-Davidson.

At just 25 years old, McGowan’s journey to this groundbreaking achievement began when she started riding motorcycles after landing a job at a Harley-Davidson store.

Eager to enhance her skills, she purchased her own bike, eventually leading her to graduate from the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute last month, specializing in Harley-Davidson.

Reflecting on her historic accomplishment, McGowan expressed pride in representing Black women in the motorcycle community.

“I’m the first African-American female technician to work on Harley-Davidson,” she shared with KSDK News in 2020. “You barely see any Black technicians working on Harley-Davidson, but here we are.”

Highlighting the presence of Black female riders, McGowan emphasized the importance of representation.

“There are a lot of Black female Harley riders or just Black female riders in general,” she noted. “We need to be shown more.”

Despite facing discouragement due to her gender, McGowan remained steadfast in pursuing her passion.

“I was told by a lot of people to just be a nurse instead,” she recalled. “Don’t listen to anybody that shuts you down from your dream.”

Emphasizing the need to break down barriers, McGowan stressed the importance of challenging outdated stereotypes. “It’s 2020,” she stated. “It’s time to move on. We shouldn’t have these barriers anymore.”

McGowan’s journey serves as a testament to perseverance and the power of representation, inspiring others to pursue their dreams regardless of obstacles.

As she aptly puts it, “If you can do it, I can do it. Also, maybe even better. I just found a passion, and I stuck with it.”

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