Megan Good Holds Hands With Majors, Couple Walk Together From Courtroom After He’s Found Guilty

by Grace Somes
Meagan Good and Jonathan Majors || Image credit: @meagangood @jonathan_majors

Marvel Studios and the Walt Disney Co. have cut ties with Jonathan Majors after the actor was convicted of assaulting and harassing his girlfriend.

But Meagan Good defiantly holds onto her boyfriend’s hand as the couple leave the courthouse together after the verdict hearing.

Donning a black blazer and brown thigh-high boots with an expressionless face, Good held tightly onto the former Marvel star.

Jonathan Majors looked stoic in an all-gray suit after his conviction on the third day of his court appearance.

On Monday, a jury in New York found that Creed III actor attacked and harassed British choreographer Grace Jabbari during an argument in March.

His then-girlfriend Grace Jabbari said he attacked her in a car and left her in “excruciating” pain.

The Manhattan jury found Majors guilty of one misdemeanor assault charge and one harassment violation but acquitted him on two other counts.

The six-person jury found him not guilty on one count of intentional assault in the third degree and one count of aggravated harassment in the second degree.

According to Meghann Cuniff, a court reporter, the jury decided Jonathan did not intend to hurt Grace when he was attempting to place her back inside the SUV that fateful night in March.

“The jury finding Jonathan Majors responsible for Grace Jabbari’s fractured finger means they did not believe Majors’ defense that Jabbari was lying about the injury and actually caused it herself,” Cuniff explained on X.

Jonathan Majors’ lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, spoke following the verdict.

“It is clear that the jury did not believe Grace Jabbari’s story of what happened in the SUV because they found that Mr. Majors did not intentionally cause any injuries to her. We are grateful for that.

“We are disappointed, however, that despite not believing Ms. Jabbari, the jury nevertheless found that Mr. Majors was somehow reckless while she was attacking him,” she told Page Six.

Shortly after the verdict, a Marvel spokesperson said the studio would no longer work with the actor.

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