Megan Thee Stallion Gushes Over Boyfriend Pardi: ‘He Makes Me Feel Protected’

by Shine My Crown Staff

Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion was full of nothing but praise for her gorgeous boyfriend, Pardison Fontaine, in a recent interview.

Megan has had a rough time of it relationship-wise. Ex-boyfriend, Tory Lanez, is currently facing charges for allegedly shooting her in both feet last summer.

But Meg says her relationship with Pardi is very different.

“First of all, he does make me happy, but my happiness comes from myself ’cause I’m just a happy lady. But, I mean, like I said in the last interview, I’ve got good energy around me right now, she told “97.9 The Box.”

“Everybody that’s a part of my life, definitely makes me feel good, keep me encouraged. I love where I’m at with working and writing and my music, so that always puts me in a good mood when I finally figure out what I wanna say on the beat,” she continued. “I dropped my Fashion Nova collection today so I’m happy about that, but yeah, Pardi does make me happy.”

In February, Meg announced to the world that she and Pardi were dating on Instagram Live. For months, fans had witnessed Pardi seemingly shooting his shot with the rapper. Unbeknownst to us all… they were already getting to know each other.

She says she loves how protective and romantic he is:

“I love Pardi because he’s so sweet,” she said. “A lot of guys are scared to show they sweet side and Pardi is not one of them. He’s very romantic and protective and he just makes me feel really protected so I like spending time with him because I feel very secure.”

“One thing I know, he’s gon’ have my back and I got his, so I love that.”

And after Pardi’s recent defense of his lady when Meg got into it with DaBaby… we know that’s a fact.

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