Female High School Employee Arrested For Sexual Moves On 16-Year-Old Male Student

by Gee NY

Vanessa Vigil, 35, a former staff at a high school in Miami-Dade County was arrested Wednesday, Oct. 18, on accusations that she tried to pursue a romantic relationship with a teenage student.

According to her arrest report, the former secretary of the school at Miami Killian Senior High School, located at 10655 SW 97th Ave. had been “very flirtatious” with him for about three weeks, asking him for his phone number, calling him “handsome,” touching him inappropriately and telling him “I love you.”

Also on Sept. 21, the 16-year-old victim, who works as a student office aide, dropped his pencil on the floor and bent over to pick it up, at which time Vigil stood behind him and began tapping on his lower back with her nails.

Police said Vigil told the victim, “I would have bagged you if I was in high school with you.”

Parents and other members of the community with ties to the school say they are dumbfounded by the allegations against Vigil.

“It’s pretty disturbing. It’s disturbing, but it happens with people in power roles — it happens a lot,” said Sean Olivera, whose wife works at the school.

The victim told officers that later in the day Vigil gave him a “dirty pizza slice key chain” that was attached to her house keys and then asked him for his phone number in front of another student.

The other student corroborated the incident to police, authorities said.

According to the report, the next day, Vigil caressed the student’s face using both her hands when he went to the office to exchange his school laptop, telling him he was “so handsome and your face is smooth.”

Police said another student witnessed that incident, as well.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools told Local 10 News that Vigil was no longer working at the school at the time of her arrest.

They released the following statement Thursday about the allegations:

“Miami-Dade County Public Schools is deeply troubled by the disturbing allegations made against this former employee. M-DCPS cooperated with the authorities during the investigation of this former employee. This type of comportment will not be tolerated as it runs contrary to the professional conduct we expect from all employees.”

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