Oprah Winfrey Reveals The Secret To Lifelong Success And Happiness In Just 5 Words

by Gee NY

What’s the secret to happiness? How does one truly find fulfillment? Oprah Winfrey offered a powerful answer in an episode of NPR’s Morning Edition last year.

Here’s what the billionaire mogul and philanthropist had to say.

First, let’s clear up a common misconception: Many people mistake happiness for a fleeting emotion.

True happiness isn’t just about how we feel at any given moment—it’s a deeper, more sustainable state of being. If we chase temporary emotions, we become subject to everyday ups and downs, like the outcome of a game or what we had for breakfast, which is not a path to lasting fulfillment.

So, what’s the key to enduring happiness? Oprah shared her insights on Morning Edition:

“I’m telling you, if you do something to make someone else happier, it’s almost like it comes back to you exactly 100-fold. I got that when I was a little girl living in Mississippi. And it was so rare that we ever got actually like a real candy bar, like a Three Musketeers or Snickers. Oh, my god, Almond Joy. And I learned for myself, even as a little kid, that the candy bar tasted better if I had somebody to say, ‘Isn’t this good?’ If I could share it with somebody. And so that philosophy of sharing what you have, understanding that all things in life get better when you share it, and when you do something for someone else, the benefit comes back to you as well as to them. That’s where I get my great joy.”

Happiness in Five Words: ‘Do Something For Someone Else’

These five simple words are much more actionable than the often-cited paths to happiness, like chasing wealth, power, fame, or social media clout.

Oprah stated that real happiness comes from using your talents to help others—to be of service.

One of Oprah’s favorite quotes is from Martin Luther King Jr.:

“Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service.”

Oprah’s perspective highlights that true happiness and success are measured not just by personal achievements but by the positive impact we have on others. It’s about using our success to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Science Supports Oprah’s Philosophy

Helping others isn’t just good for them; it’s good for you, too. According to Harvard Health, acts of generosity trigger the release of endorphins, the brain’s natural pain relievers, creating a sense of well-being often referred to as a “helper’s high.”

This is beneficial for both our health and our happiness.

Additionally, a study in the International Journal of Psychophysiology found that giving to others can lower blood pressure, akin to the benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Another study published in Innovation in Aging linked acts of giving and helping to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, reducing stress overall.

So to be achieve lifelong happiness, Do Something For Others! Being of service to others leads to profound happiness and fulfillment, mirroring Oprah Winfrey’s experience.

It fosters personal growth, resilience, improved well-being, and contributes to making the world a better place. It’s a win for everyone involved.

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