Megan Thee Stallion Vows To Be ‘Stingy’ With Sex, Rapper Declares – “I’m Not A Freak Anymore”

by Grace Somes
Megan Thee Stallion || Image credit @theestallion

“I’m turning over, you know, a new leaf”.

Megan Thee Stallion says she ‘wants to turn a new leaf’ in her sex life. The rapper’s Cootie Cat generosity takes a backseat in the new chapter!

The “Savage” hitmaker attributed her sultry shift from wild to wise to people not focusing on her music.

Megan noted that fans are so enamored with her appealing physique and vibe that they don’t appreciate her musical talents.

According to the curvaceous rapper, her lyrical dexterity takes second place in her sexual pull.

“It’s like nobody be listening to my music. They are like, ‘Megan Thee Stallion…I can not believe she likes to have sex! I cannot believe Megan The Stallion f**ks!” she bemoaned.

The “Hot Girl Summer” songwriter revealed she was going to tone down on erotic antics both on camera and behind the bedroom doors.

Megan continued in the Instagram live, “I’m turning over, you know, a new leaf. And I’m stingy with the Cootie Cat. I’m not a freak anymore. I’m done with the streets. It’s all toxic in the streets. I’m tired of the streets.”

Is there another reason for her sensational shift from ‘freak’ to ‘fierce’?

Megan’s “freak” suspension comes after her split from longtime boyfriend, Pardison Fontaine.

The rapper insinuated that Pardi was unfaithful in her new song, “Cobra,” where she rapped about how she caught a former lover receiving oral from another in the bed she sleeps in.

Pardi responded with the diss track, “Thee Person”, exposing Megan’s BBL and shady talks about other celebrities.

Elsewhere on the track, he accused Megan of sleeping with other men and said he was going to propose. He also said. Megan had an “ugly soul”.

Could her breakup with Pardi enforce her stingy stance on intimacy?

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