Mikaela Spielberg Says Sex Work has Given her a ‘Whole New Life-Affirming Way to Be’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Mikaela Spielberg has opened up about her venture into sex work — and she says her new line of work has given her a fresh zest for life.

“I’m really enjoying work, and it’s giving me a whole new life-affirming way to be,” she told The Daily Beast. “It opened up a gateway into being able to dance. The best part of it has been that anytime I want to I can just go into work, and go dance.”

Mikaela was adopted at birth by Hollywood director Spielberg and Kate Capshaw.

In February, Mikaela told the British tabloid, The Sun, that her parents about her controversial line of work and that they were “intrigued” but “not upset.” While many were surprised by her decision to venture into the porn industry, Mikaela said that her decision was an empowering one.

“This is a positive, empowering choice, I realized there is no shame in having a fascination with this industry and wanting to do something that is safe, sane, consensual,” she said at the time.

The rising adult film star shared that ManyVids approached her about doing a live show for the internet. She was thrilled.

“Prior to that I had just been doing normal digital sex work, basically,” she revealed. “And when I say that I have to clarify just for safety reasons that I am not full-service. I’m online and dance-only.

“My profession is webcamming and solo pay-per-view videos,” she continued. “I’m hoping that webcamming can become a more regular thing for me, and professionally-done pay-per-view videos that are solo can become a regular thing for me.”

During her interview with The Sun, Mikaela referred to herself as a “hypersexual” person — but she says her new career has made her realize that is not the case.

“Here’s what I’ve learned about myself from doing this kind of work: I’ve learned that I’m not hypersexual at all, actually, which in the long run has cost me money,” she explained. “I’ve learned that I do not enjoy hardcore content personally. Whatever you decide to make is your decision, but I enjoy soft content and passion content. My long-term goal with self-expression is to work with a company that does passion-oriented content.”

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