‘Waiting to Exhale’ to Become a TV series

by Shine My Crown Staff

Terry McMillan, the author of the iconic book-turned-movie Waiting to Exhale, has revealed that the movie is to be turned into a television series.

“So, WAITING TO EXHALE is going to be a TV series. Produced by Lee Daniels. Attica Locke and Tembi Locke are writing. Anthony Hemingway will direct. I lucked out,” she tweeted.

The 1992 novel was turned into a film in 1995 and starred the late Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine and Lela Rochon.

Hollywood actor Forrest Whitaker directed the film.

Just last week, Devine shared that a movie sequel was underway:

“Well I know Terry and I think Lee Daniels is working on something because she’s been trying to get Waiting To Exhale back for so many years. And because it changed so much for everybody. Not just black women but also, so many shows came out of that with the same girlfriend format that they use,” Devine told Tamron Hall.

She added: “But I think they’re doing something about the kids of the women, and I think that’s going to be coming out so look forward, there’s a lot of stuff that is being developed to look forward to.”

In 2015, the actress spoke with the LA Times, where she shared the cultural impact the film had on women of color at the time of its release.

“‘Waiting to Exhale’ was important 20 years ago because it gave black women a voice and brought attention to their ideas on love and marriage,” the actress said at the time. “Now, like then, women want the world to know what women want.”

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