Royce Reed Breaks Silence On Alleged Abuse By Dwight Howard – “I’ve Been Told If He Killed Me, He Could Get Away With It”

by Grace Somes
Royce Reed and Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard’s ex is out with shocking revelations of physical abuse after her alleged gag order expired!

The ex-girlfriend of former NBA player Dwight Howard, Royce Reed, has opened up about her tumultuous relationship’s alarming past with the three-time Defensive Player of the Year.

Royce Reed spoke about the disturbing truth behind a relationship shrouded in fear with Carlos King on YouTube.

“I’ve been told that if he killed me, now, he could get away with it because, you know, he’s baby Jesus. Orlando loved him, and I was in his house. He could claim self-defense.”

Although Reed confirmed instances of physical abuse, she noted that her ex was careful not to go off the deep end and inflict visible scars.

“He’s never hauled off and punched the crap out of me. But I’ve been dragged and thrown out. I’ve been shaken. I’ve been cussed out. I’ve had my life threatened. I’ve had a knife pulled on me.

Since their split, the dancer has rarely spoken about her ex because she signed a supposed NDA before joining “Basketball Wives” in 2010.

Apparently, this gag order became null after Dwight shared photos and spoke of Braylon, their firstborn, online.

Royce Reed also revealed that despite years of court battles, Dwight Howard invited her and their son, Braylon, to spend time with him in 2020 when the pandemic began.

But she soon regretted it because their stay was anything but pleasant.

The Bethune Cookman University head cheerleading coach claimed her son was exposed to things no child should see in his father’s house.

“We escaped at like 3 a.m., one morning during quarantine. There was a lot of activity happening that night prior that no children should ever see. And even I felt like I was walking through a twilight Zone. Like, we got people peeing in seats. We had people hanging off a balcony throwing up,” Reed detailed.

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