Momo Pixel Creates ‘Hair Nah’ As A Response To Women Asking To Touch Her Hair | @MomoUhOh

by Yah Yah

Hair Nah is a new travel game about a black woman who is tired of people touching her hair, which I’m sure we all can relate to.

Art director/pixel designer Momo Pixel says she made the game based off of her own personal experiences. “When people ask you if they can touch [your hair], you want to say to them, ‘Hell nah.’ These are moments you want to say ‘nah‘ but for your hair,” said Pixel, according to CNN.

In the game, you get to play a Black woman named Aeva who “loves to travel, but is hesitant because people often invade her personal space by touching her hair without permission.” So you must “help Aeva catch her flight and protect her hair by stopping the reaching hands.”

You can customize Aeva with a choice of six different skin tones and 12 hairstyles. You also get to choose her destination trip to either Havana, Cuba, Santa Monica Pier in California, or Osaka, Japan. Players then have to protect Aeva’s tresses by swatting as many of the reaching hands as possible in one minute. The object of the game is to fill up the “Nah!” meter before time runs out.

Once you finally reach your destination, you are left with a prompt that reads:

“The game is over, but this is an issue black women face daily. So a note to those who do it, ‘stop that sh*t.'”

Head over to now to play the game.

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