Monica Says Her Dream Collab Would Be With Mary J. Blige

by Shine My Crown Staff

Monica has shared that her dream due would be with Mary J. Blige.

The singer stopped by Elle magazine to play “Song Association,” where she was given the word “Can,” she sang “I Can Love You” by Blige.

“My dream collaboration would absolutely be my sister, my friend Mary J. Blige,” she says the singer and reality television star.

“Still the Queen of [Hip-Hop Soul], point blank period. She has been so influential personally that professionally I think it would be easy for us. I don’t know who would write and produce the perfect song for she and I but one of my favorite songs by her, because I have many, is ‘Not Gon’ Cry’. You gotta get to a space where you know when you can’t even do it. It’s time to roll.”

Recently, “Mary J. Blige: My Life,” release her new documentary, “Mary J. Blige: My Life,” Amazon Prime.

Blige says that she was “scared to death” when her career took off in 1992 after she released her debut album, “What’s the 411?” — but fame is not a magic pill, and even being one of the hottest artists on the radio could not cure her pain.

“I was singing for my life literally,” she says of her 1994 album, “My Life.”

“This was, like, a turning point. This was a decision I had to make to either live or die. Most of the times I was just depressed and didn’t want to live because I didn’t love myself.”

Blige revealed that she was just a teenager when she first turned to drugs and alcohol. “We would go to the pier, and we would drink our pain away,” she said. But when she blew up, the drugs and alcohol became a crutch to help her cope with her newfound fame.

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