NBA Recruits Issa Rae Relaunch New Season

by Shine My Crown Staff

The NBA has enlisted “Insecure” creator Issa Rae for their newest campaign in a bid to help launch the new season, which was delayed due to the global pandemic.

“Whole New Game” is in preparation for the 2019-2020 NBA Restart, set to tip-off next week.

Rae says at the beginning of the clip while walking into an empty arena, “A lot has been going on….a lot,” adding, “It’s all back – but with a slight twist,” she says. “It’s the game you love, the way you’ve never seen it before.”

Players from the league have been transported to a venue close to Orlando, where they will play at a Walt Disney facility under strict rules.

“This is absolutely a creative challenge,” said the NBA’s chief fan officer Danielle Lee. “We want to acknowledge the journey we have all been on” she adds, “but also infuse a sense of resilience and excitement and joy.”

You can check out the clip below.

Rae continues, “It’s the game you love like you’ve never seen it before. 22 teams all in one place ready to make history. This isn’t the same NBA, it’s a whole new game. But I think we can all agree, we’re glad it’s back.”

The latest round of COVID-19 testing showed that none players of the 346 in the bubble tested positive for coronavirus since July 13. Just a week prior, two out of 322 players had tested positive for the virus during the first batch of tests in the bubble.

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