New #PassportBros Hashtag Causes Outrage Amongst American Women of Color

by Xara Aziz

A trending hashtag on the internet has a growing group of users frustrated and flabbergasted about the role race plays in dating for American women of color.

#PassportBros began as a way for Black men to advise other Black men where they could find “traditional women” in other countries. A simple search of #PassportBros on any social media platform will show hundreds of men describing their experiences with the opposite sex in other countries compared to those in the United States.

According to a report in Travel Noire, “Black people have suffered through so many forms of prejudice in the United States that we’ve sought other countries to feel like human beings. The #PassportBros movement could be seen as an annex to the same inner peace and happiness concept. A group of Black men who don’t feel needed and admired by Black women looking for love overseas. They travel to different destinations worldwide and find happiness with a partner of the opposite sex.”


#duet with @violettalemone #passportbros She says she doesnt care but she making hella vids on the #passportbros so sad.@akshauntvtoo @a.d.icting @ @damonlockhart215 #traveltiktok

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But some Black women in America are not happy with the trending hashtag. On TikTok, several women have rebuffed claims that traveling outside is the best way to find women.

“Passport Bros are weak Black men that don’t know how to court strong Black women,” one user said.


This passport bro “movement” is actually not funny at all. Like…AT ALL. #passportbros #passportbrothas #internetsafety

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Others said the hashtag was more of a way to fornicate with foreign women rather than settle down with them.

“Passport Bros true intentions are to have sex with foreign women, and they’re not searching for love.”

And another woman believes that the #PassportBros trend is a subconscious way that Black men emulate their “white masters, who have been notoriously known for colonizing and going to third-world countries to find submissive wives.”

Meanwhile, some women in foreign countries support the controversial hashtag, stating that “some women in the Western world don’t know how to treat their men.”

“Some say American women lack femininity, and when these men get to these countries, they treat them like men should be treated,” one user believes. “They proudly speak on their traditional values and beliefs even if they aren’t from countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.”

There are, however, a burgeoning group of Black men who have spoken out against #PassportBros, stating that the men who support the hashtag have “no game.”

“Passport Bros are a group of liars looking to sexually exploit different countries because they were never accepted in social circles where they’re from,” one user said.

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