Nicki Minaj Apologizes To Fans Following Her Arrest And Detainment In Amsterdam

by Gee NY

Nicki Minaj has expressed regret to her fans after her detainment in Amsterdam led to her missing a scheduled performance.

Dutch police reportedly arrested the rapper for allegedly carrying drugs, an incident she documented and shared on social media.

“I love you, and I’m so sorry this happened tonight,” Minaj said in a video shared by a fan account on social media.

In a video posted by Minaj, an unnamed man informed her that police intended to search all her luggage.

The Netherlands military police confirmed the arrest of a 41-year-old American woman for possession of “soft drugs” at Schiphol Airport.

Despite denying the charges and requesting to speak with her lawyer, Minaj was escorted to the police station.

The detainment caused her to miss her performance at Co-Op Live in Manchester, England, during her “Pink Friday World Tour 2.”

Reports suggest that miscommunication from the venue regarding Minaj’s whereabouts led to disappointment among fans.

Some, like 21-year-old Olivia Gibson, felt let down by Minaj’s absence.

Minaj, while apologizing to her fans on social media, hinted at a conspiracy against her.

She also announced plans to take legal action, citing her frustration with the situation and thanking the venue for their understanding.

Despite the setback, Minaj reassured her fans that she would persevere, expressing gratitude for their support and promising to address the issue with legal recourse.

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