Chrisean Rock’s Social Media Escape: LeTroy’s Prison Threat Forces A Hasty Exit—Internet Drama Unfolds!

by Grace Somes
Chrisean Rock || Image credit : @chriseanchriseanchrisean

Chrisean Rock vanishes from social media amidst LeTroy’s prison threats after she allegedly assaulted James Wright Chanel.

The dramatic disappearance of Chrisean Rock from social media has everyone talking.

The rapper made quite an appearance at Tamar Braxton’s 10th anniversary concert. Footage from The Love and War concert exposed Chrisean Rock indecently touching a backup singer, repeatedly.

In another video, Tamar Braxton’s best friend, LeTroy, called out the “Vibe” hitmaker for assaulting backstage.

According to LeTroy, Chrisean was upset that she was not made to perform when nobody knew who she was or why she was backstage.

“So then James is like, ‘Oh, it wasn’t on purpose. Nobody is trying to shade you. We didn’t know that you were supposed to sing… and she hit James right in his face, chipped Jame’s tooth and Jame’s face is bloody,” LeTroy recounted.

He also vowed to have Chrisean arrested for disrupting the show and breaking Jame’s nose, which “won’t stop bleeding.”

After his rants went viral, Chrisean countered their claims about her behavior with her account of how things went down at the concert.

“The guy that’s talking about how he put everything together, he didn’t put anything together,” she rubbished LeTroy’s claims about organizing the concert.

She also called all those involved out and labeled them as “clout chasers” who wanted to feed off her fame.

But after her defensive speech, Chrisean Rock announced her departure from the online world.

Blueface’s baby mama announced via X (formerly Twitter) that she would be going on a hiatus from social media.

She also added that she would be changing her phone number and address.

But fans think this is just another stunt to avoid her impending arrest. Or not?

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