Normani Talks ‘Wild Side’ Collab With Cardi B: ‘She Provided a Safe Space for Me’

by Shine My Crown Staff

Normani’s new video for “Wild Side” has already racked up more than 10 million views on Youtube in three days.

Speaking on the Cardi B collaboration, Normani was full of admiration for the rapper, who she says made her feel completely at ease.

“Honestly, it was crazy. I remember [Cardi] tweeted my line when I posted the snippet on Instagram a couple of months ago,” she explained to Cosmopolitan on how the joint effort came about.

“She tweeted my mom and was like, “Mama Normani, when is this coming out, we can’t keep talkin’ about it coming out!” She was excited and she’s always been very supportive of me from the “WAP” video to “Motivation” and up until now. She brought such light to this experience and to me after not releasing for the last two years. I feel like she’s given me comfort and provided a safe space for me.”

She adds, Cardi has great energy and is such a genuine spirit. She really put her all into this record, and I feel like it’s hard to come across people that understand your vision the way you do. She even put her input into the artwork concept for “Wild Side,” too. We had so much fun on-set and she made it the easiest experience ever.”

Female collaborations are crucial in an industry which consistently aims to pitch female artists against each other. Cardi B has gone out of her way to team up with female artists.

For some, the more sexually open “Wild Side” was a huge jump for Normani from her 2019 visual, “Motivation.”

Normani says that “Motivation” did not show her “true potential.”

Honestly, “Wild Side” is different in every single way from “Motivation,” both sonically and lyrically. I don’t necessarily think that “Motivation” showed my full potential. With this record coming out, there is still so much more room for me to grow, but I feel like my transformation from “Motivation” to this is incredible…impressive, even—and I don’t ever talk about myself like that.”

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