Officer Involved in Breonna Taylor Shooting Sued for Sexual Assault

by Shine My Crown Staff

A woman has filed a lawsuit against former Louisville Metro Police detective Brett Hankison, accusing him of sexual assault.

Margo Borders of Louisville alleges that Hankison “willfully, intentionally, painfully and violently” sexually assaulted her after offering her a ride home from a bar in 2018.

Hankison was the only offer charged with any crime for the night of Breonna Taylor’s killing.

Borders says she met up with Hankison at the Tin Roof bar in April 2018, where she was meeting with friends. Hankison worked there as a security officer at the time. According to the lawsuit, he told her to stay close to him before offering her a ride home when leaving the premises.

Borders and Hankison first met in 2017 and had a mutual friend. Hankison “frequently messaged” Borders on Snapchat and reached out to her when he was “having problems with his girlfriend,” the lawsuit states.

“Margo had no objections to a ride home from a police officer,” the lawsuit read. “She wouldn’t have to pay for an Uber and felt protected with an officer making sure she got home safely.”

Hankison then allegedly invited himself into her apartment. Borders says she left him on the couch before heading to her bedroom to change. Drunk, she then fell asleep.

“While Margo was unconscious, Hankison went into her room, stripped off his clothes and willfully, intentionally, painfully and violently sexually assaulted Margo,” the lawsuit alleges.

She says she did not report the assault to the police as she feared retaliation from his peers.

She did, however, disclose the alleged assault on her Facebook page in June.

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