Ohio Woman and Husband Who Share the Same Birthday Give Birth to Twins on Their Birthday

by Xara Aziz
Scierra Blair and José Ervin

An Ohio couple who share the same birthday have given birth to twins – who share the same birthday as their parents!

Scierra Blair and her fiancé José Ervin were both born on Aug. 18. Their newborn fraternal twins were born in the early morning hours on the same day at Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest Hospital. José Ervin III arrived at 12:35 AM, while his sister Ar’ria Lannette Ervin arrived one minute later at 12:36 AM.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the couple said they are beyond thrilled.

“They were my birthday present and I’m good with that,” Ervin, 31, said. “I’m so stoked. I kiss them like 30,000 times a day.”

It was around this time last year when the couple said they could have never dreamed of having twins on their shared birthday. Believe it or not, they hadn’t even met yet.

The pair met shortly after their birthdays. Blair had just turned 31 and Ervin turned 30.

“I thought she was telling a tale because she asked me about my birthday and then said that’s pretty ironic because that’s my birthday,” Ervin said. “I’m like, get outta here. But she showed me her ID and proved me wrong.”

When they began dating, they talked about how they wanted to celebrate their birthdays the following year. They thought maybe it would be cute to visit the aquarium, attend a Browns or Indians game, or maybe go out for brunch or dinner. Little did they know they would spend their birthdays giving birth to their twins.

Twins run in her family, Blair said, who has paternal brothers who are fraternal twins. Ervin’s family is the same, according to PEOPLE. So, it came as no surprise when they discovered they were having twins.

“I was so adamant that I was going to be the only one of his kids not to give [my father] grandkids,” Blair said. “He said ‘Scierra’s going to give me dogs and cats.’ So he was so excited when he found out.”

The couple says they can’t wait to celebrate birthdays together with their new bundles of joy.

“We can just do one big celebration, do it all at one time,” Ervin said. “And that would be beautiful.”

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