Raven-symoné’s Wife Says She Made The Actress Fall In Love With Her By Putting Her Menstrual Blood In Pasta Sauce

by Grace Somes
Raven-symoné and Miranda Maday || Image credit: @ravensymone

Raven-Symoné and Miranda Pearman-Maday gave a rare insight into their marriage in an exclusive interview, which has stunned their fans as some say that Miranda has ‘bewitched’ the Disney star.

In an interview on Howie Mandel Does Stuff, Miranda revealed the most mind-boggling ‘ritual’ in her relationship.

It all started when Howie Mandel asked Miranda if she had ever used her monthlies to cook.

“Have you ever put your own personal menstrual blood into pasta sauce?” Howie asked hesitantly.

But Miranda was quick to reply that, in fact, her period blood was the game-changer in her relationship with Raven-symoné.

“Um, you know, that is the way that I got Raven to fall in love with me. I never thought anyone would ask me that question. so I can’t lie,” Miranda seemingly joked

Raven replied, “Oh, my wife, my wife. No wonder I love her pasta sauce,” before revealing a weird coincidence she had to discover herself.

“I was telling them she was like, ‘Do you have pasta sauce once a month?’ and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I have pasta sauce once a month’,” the Cosby Show actress disclosed.

“She also loves my tomato sauce,” Miranda chipped in.

A snippet of the interview on the media blog, TheNeighbourhoodTalk, has attracted many comments, with fans insinuating that Miranda was def serious about her ‘secret recipe’.

One person wrote, “It’s the truth behind every joke. She never even watched her show, so.”

Another added, “This is witchcraft, and y’all should not play in stuff like that.”

“Somebody goes flash a camera at our good sis Raven 📸😩,” a worried somebody commented.

Raven-Symoné and wife Miranda Pearman-Maday first met at a gay bar in West Hollywood in 2015. Although they are both very active in Hollywood, they were extremely private about their love until they married in June 2020.

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