Woman Receives 30-Year Sentence for Shoplifting $20,000 Worth of Designer Sunglasses

by Gee NY
Ernesha Atmore received 30 years for Shoplifting $20,000 Worth of Sunglasses

Ernesha Atmore, a 29-year-old woman from Florida, has been handed a 30-year prison sentence after being convicted of stealing designer sunglasses valued at $20,000 from a Sunglass Hut store in Tampa.

The incident, reported by Fox 13, unfolded as Ernesha entered the store with a cooler bag and began placing the sunglasses inside.

When confronted by a store employee, she allegedly brandished a taser as a threat.

Despite initially evading capture, Atmore was apprehended a few days later with the stolen goods still in her possession.

She was subsequently arrested and charged with theft.


Atmore’s sentencing was exacerbated by her prior criminal history, particularly her extensive record of shoplifting offenses.

Despite being offered a plea deal by prosecutors for a significantly reduced sentence of three years, Atmore opted to contest the charges in court.

Unfortunately for her, this decision backfired, resulting in the imposition of a much harsher penalty by the jury.

Compounding Atmore’s legal troubles were two additional theft cases pending at the time of her trial. Consequently, the presiding judge decided to tack on an extra six months to her already lengthy 30-year sentence.

With this ruling, Atmore faces the prospect of remaining incarcerated until she reaches the age of 60 — a stark consequence for what began as a theft of sunglasses.

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