A’ja Wilson: Potential WNBA Hall Of Famer Worth $3 Million Surprises Her Mom With ‘Dream Come True’ Gift

by Gee NY

In a heartwarming gesture that echoed far beyond the basketball court, WNBA star A’ja Wilson, valued at $3 million, stunned her mother with a Christmas present that dreams are made of.

The two-time WNBA champion, often touted as a potential Hall of Famer, has not only conquered the league with her exceptional skills but is now making her mark in the world of entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

A’ja Wilson, born on August 8, 1996, in South Columbia, owes much of her success to her mother, Eva Rakes Wilson, who has been an integral part of her journey.

A’ja, currently in her sixth season in the league, is on the brink of securing her second consecutive WNBA championship, and her prowess is evident in various statistical categories, solidifying her status as the league’s top player in 2023.

Acknowledging her debt to her mother, Eva R. Wilson, A’ja decided to express her gratitude in a monumental way during the Christmas season.

A’ja retired her mother as a Christmas gift, a gesture that left Eva Wilson overwhelmed with joy.

Eva expressed her sentiments in a social media post on Jan. 4:

“A’ja was full of surprises this past Christmas; retiring me was the most thoughtful and loving. I am one blessed momma!”

Eva Wilson actively assists A’ja in managing the Burnt Wax Candle business, imparting valuable lessons in money management.

A’ja’s financial success can be attributed, in part, to her upbringing in a household that prioritizes financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

With a net worth of $3 million, A’ja Wilson and her mother co-founded the Burnt Wax Candle Company in 2021.

A’ja’s financial portfolio extends beyond this venture; she invested in the fitness app Masters during its seed round, assuming roles as both a trainer and investor. The app boasts workout routines by top athletes, with notable investors including Bam Adebayo, Shaun White, and Kai Lenny.

In addition to her involvement in the fitness industry, A’ja diversified her investments by entering the realms of sports agency and clothing lines.

These strategic moves not only increased her net worth but also allowed her to leverage her massive following, expanding her influence and business ventures.

A’ja Wilson’s story transcends the basketball court, illustrating the impact of gratitude, family support, and financial acumen on an athlete’s journey to success.

As she continues to shine in the WNBA, A’ja’s off-court ventures further solidify her as a powerhouse in both sports and business.

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