Remy Ma Says She Declines Women Uber Drivers: ‘Most Women Can’t Drive’

by Shine My Crown Staff

Remy Ma just launched her own all-female rap league, Chrome 23, but the rapper says that while she’s all for female empowerment—she does not feel safe with a woman behind the wheel.

In an interview with Hot97, Remy Ma used the opportunity to exalt women, stating that if you’re a woman, your gender is going to be placed before your occupation. She then listed off several job titles.

However, one thing Remy Ma is not championing is female drivers.

“That’s my biggest thing, if I see it I’m declining it,” Ma told Peter Rosenberg, doubling down when asked why. “Because I don’t want a woman driver, period. Because most women can’t drive, I’m sorry.” 

The rapper believes she is the exception to the rule:

“I drive amazingly, I’m Nascar fast car,” she said. “But, for the most part, one time I got into the car [with a women driver] and I was peeling the skin off my eyelids… I’m telling you I know it’s a problem because I do it in certain instances, and I am a whole woman that is all for female empowerment, but I don’t want a woman driver.”

A report from the  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that men cause an average of 6.1 million accidents per year in the U.S., and women cause 4.4 million accidents per year. The Insurance Information Institute also reports that male drivers were responsible for 37,477 fatal crashes while women were responsible for 13,502 fatal accidents in 2017. 

There are also far more male drivers on the road.

Last month, the reality television star and emcee released the trailer for her rap league across social media.

 “Female Rap will never be the same!” the post begins. “@ChromeTwenty3 my all-female Battle Rap League 🔥The first card event will be on Sunday, February 27th- invite only- but available for Live Stream viewing -it’s only right I take it back to where I started at!!! You don’t wanna miss this! Sidebar: I’m sooooo hyped!!,” she continued.

Chrome 23’s first event went down a fortnight ago.

“Anyone that has anything negative to say or that feels like I’m trying to take somebody’s place or feels like I’m trying to step on somebody’s toes, y’all are more than welcome to donate to the cause,” she said. “It’s costing me hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it out of my pocket and out of the favors that I’m calling in, so you’re welcome to come in and assist. I’m not doing this because of me. I’m not trying to be cocky or nothing. I’m rich, I really am.”

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