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On Thursday, hundreds of demonstrators congregated on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday as arguments were heard in an abortion-related.

Inside the court, oral arguments were being heard in the June Medical Services, LLC v. Russo case.

The case is being touted as the serious challenge to abortion rights the Supreme Court has heard in decades, and depending on the outcome, women could find that under the Trump administration, they do not have a say in what they do with their bodies.

“Abortion rights are human rights,” said Rep. Ayanna Pressley told demonstrators and reporters. “Abortion care is health care. Reproductive justice is economic justice. And reproductive justice is racial justice.”

The case of June Medical Services vs. Russo centers on a question the Supreme Court answered in 2016 regarding a Texas case. The question to be answered is whether a state can require doctors at an abortion clinic to have admitting privileges at a local hospital to provide abortion care, per Common Dreams.

Pressley currently serves as Chair of the House’s Task Force on Abortion Rights and Access. She was joined at the rally by the Pro-Choice Caucus and the Democratic Women’s Caucus.

“There is nothing wrong with righteous rage. And I am outraged, and we are outraged because this is outrageous,” Pressley said.

“When women’s bodies are more regulated than guns, this is outrageous. When women’s health centers are shutting their doors as healthcare costs skyrocket and birth control remains out of reach, this is outrageous. We have a black maternal mortality crisis where black women are four times more likely to die than white women — this is outrageous.”