Georgia Mother’s Tragic Fate Unfolds: Briana Winston Found Deceased, Set Ablaze

by Gee NY

Briana Winston, a 23-year-old mother from Riverdale, Georgia, was reported missing around March 17, 2024, as confirmed by law enforcement in Clayton County, situated just outside Atlanta.

Initial investigations revealed that Winston had become a victim of a crime that rendered her incapacitated in some manner, according to Clayton County police statements to local media.

However, authorities are still piecing together the sequence of events leading to her disappearance.

Subsequently, what began as a missing person’s inquiry has escalated into a homicide investigation, as reported by various media outlets.

The unfolding tragedy has left loved ones grappling with grief and unanswered questions.

Jasmine Walker, Winston’s cousin, recounted tearful nights of anguish to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, lamenting the lack of assistance for her cousin during her time of need.

The disturbing nature of Winston’s fate has shocked communities: Her lifeless body was discovered stuffed inside a suitcase and set ablaze in Tennessee.

The prime suspect in her murder is 23-year-old Michale Edwards, the father of Winston’s child, who now faces charges of malice murder and more in Clayton County Jail.

Suspicion arose when Winston’s family, unable to contact her despite regular communication, reported her missing on April 1.

Further alarm was raised when a leasing office agent, conducting a wellness check at Winston’s apartment, found it devoid of her belongings, with a strong scent of bleach lingering—a troubling sign noted by Walker.

Additional unsettling revelations emerged, including Edwards’ marital status, unbeknownst to Winston or her family until recent disclosures by detectives.

Winston’s daughter is now under protective custody, shielded from the grim aftermath of her mother’s demise.

Determined to seek justice for Briana, Walker affirmed her unwavering commitment to supporting legal proceedings until accountability is served.

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