‘RHONY’s Eboni K. Williams Reveals She Almost Quit: ‘I Don’t Need to Be on TV That Bad’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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New York Housewife Eboni K. Williams has revealed that she came close to quitting the show after being “gaslighted” by cast member Ramona Singer.

“That conversation at Ramona’s house, one on one, it was probably the one and only time I almost stopped filming,” Eboni said on “The Breakfast Club.” “In a way that made me say, ‘Okay, everybody [including her production team and Bravo], this was a noble effort. I think everybody came with good intention. I think we might have made a huge mistake.'”

Eboni and Ramona bumped heads. Ramona is socially and racially ignorant and supports Trump — so it’s really no surprise.

“We literally had an emergency conference call, super late-night, because at some point, this becomes irreparable harm and I don’t need to be on TV that bad,” she explained.

Eboni says the Bravo production team was supportive and encouraged her to stay.

To be honest, it would have been a bad look for the network if they lost their first-ever Black Housewife.

However, Eboni knew that once the scenes aired, her mentions would be in a shambles, so she announced that she would be taking a social media hiatus.

“I took the break because when we sign up to be in these spaces, there’s going to be an invitation to commentary. But abuse is something else,” she pointed out. “So I don’t think we have to expose ourselves to vitriol and some of that is out there with this particular RHONY fandom.”

Eboni also added that Ramona’s ignorance is not because she does not care about politics.

“Ramona’s at Mar-a-Lago every day. So [she] don’t not care about politics,” Eboni said, adding that Ramona was not trying to have a political conversation.

“I was trying to have a conversation with Ramona about the advancement of women’s rights. Obviously, I know Ramona and I did not vote for the same person on that ballot. I don’t give a s**t. What I was trying to get to was an understanding of that woman’s value system.”

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