‘RHOP’s Gizelle Bryant Calls Dr. Wendy Osefo Out Over ‘Sudden Change’ After Cosmetic Surgery

by Shine My Crown Staff

Potomac Housewife Gizelle Bryant has been overly critical about Dr. Wendy Osefo’s boost in confidence following her plastic surgery.

This season, Dr. Wendy welcomed the ladies into her home with a party dedicated to her new breasts — and she’s also had a butt-lift too.

But it’s Dr. Wendy’s change in wardrobe that has rattled Gizelle, a former first lady of a church, and on Sunday, she decided to confront the Dr. about her skimpy new outfits.

But of course, Gizelle had to talk with her galpal Robyn Dixon first…

“Can we talk about Wendy like really quickly? Something’s off,” Gizelle said.

“Yeah, I’m almost happy that you brought that up, so that I know that I’m not the only person that’s thinking something’s different,” Robin replied.

“I do want to say look, ‘Wendy, I’ve seen more of your skin in the past month…'” Gizelle continued. “Than you did the whole year before,” Robyn jumped in.

“Yeah, you know, dress the way you want to dress but like what’s up with the sudden change?” Gizelle said.

Robyn added, “I get it, you spend money on a new body. You want to show it off. It’s just such a big difference from Dr. Wendy, the professor — it’s weird. I feel like her personality is a little different.”

“Despite the physical changes I just feel like something is off. For me I just want to know, are you okay?” said Gizelle.

Eventually, after a whole lotta back and forth, the ladies brought their issues to Dr. Wendy.

“I was talking to Robyn earlier, we’re just chit chatting, you’re like, in a whole new space and in a whole new — something I can’t put my finger on it, there’s a difference,” Gizelle told Dr. Wendy.

“Can I just add to that a little bit? I feel like your personality is slightly different,” Robyn added.

“I’ve seen more of your body parts in the past month than I have the entire time I’ve known you,” Gizelle continues.

“Yeah, the difference is clearly I had my boobs done,” Wendy replied.

“You’ve been a little more like drop it like it’s hot, booty popping, you know, just I feel like the Wendy I met last year was not that loose,” said Robyn, while Gizelle said, “This is totally not the Wendy that I met, it is way different from Professor Wendy, substance Wendy.”

Mia came to Gizelle’s defense, but the doctor had plenty to say for herself.

“That’s a lie. I stand before you as someone who still has multiple degrees, who is still a professor at one of the highest institutions, who’s still a commentator who still does all of those things. And that does not take away from any of my accolades,” Wendy replied. “You said substance, Wendy — that’s triggering, especially for a career woman.”

She added, “Yeah I think my personality is me being confident in the skin I’m in both physically and substantively.”

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