Salt-N-Pepa Respond to DJ Spinderella: ‘There’s Six Sides to Every Story’

by Yah Yah
Voiced by Amazon Polly

Salt-N-Pepa have responded to DJ Spinderella’s claim that she was excluded from the recent Lifetime biopic.

Cheryl “Salt” James and Sandra “Pepa” Denton were guests on The Real and addressed Spinderella’s allegations in an episode that aired Wednesday.

“I reached out to Spinderella; I feel like this is very unfortunate,” James told the co-hosts. “We’ve come to a crossroads where we have decided to agree to disagree. I definitely am open and Pepa’s open. We’ve talked about it and our hearts are open, have always been open to Spinderella.”

She continued: “As far as the public is concerned, I’m really happy about the people who know that they don’t know everything. There’s six sides to every story. We just hope that we can come to some sort of resolution in the future. You never know. You never know what God is doing.”

Denton claims they did reach out to Spinderella.

“I just wanted to add to that, but I do want to clear up, there is a part that when Spinderella did say we excluded her. That part, Salt and I did reach out to consult with the movie,” Denton said.

During Spinderella’s interview with Jason Lee’s Hollywood Unlocked last week, she said: “You’re going to tell it like I wasn’t there when I was? This is why the viral attention is happening because people’s memories are being f*cked with. History is being written right now and you’re okay with re-writing it to satisfy whatever your ego tells you I did to hurt you. I don’t know what that is. There was no issue that should warrant that behavior.”

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