Saweetie Confesses She Spent First Big Check on Breast Implants

by Xara Aziz
Instagram @saweetie

A new video of rapper Saweetie at Coachella has surfaced revealing what she spent her first big check on when she finally made it to Hollywood.

In the video, an interviewer asks her if she remembers her first performance. The 29-year-old California native responded that it was in Istanbul, where she was paid $10,000 to perform one song. She was then asked what she spent the 10 racks on, to which she responded, “some boobs.”

She then looks seductively into the camera and clutches her breasts. Fans were quick to post their thoughts in her comments, with one writing that “the 10k was a career investment.”

Another commenter wrote “how are men still attracted to this version of a female? They all cut copy waste.”

While some celebrities have embraced their plastic surgery, others have decided to do away with some enhancements they have had, including Blac Chyna who recently revealed that she was undergoing breast and buttocks reduction surgery to have a more “natural” look. She further added that she hopes the reduction of her chest and derriere will help take her to the “next level” and wants to change her “ways.”

But while some are choosing to opt for breast reductions, the Icy Girl rapper doesn’t appear to mind her new chest and has been riding high since she released her first single in 2017.

Born Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, the rapper and singer first began her career when she was signed to Artistry Worldwide by her former manager Max Gousse. The record label is a subsidiary of Warner Records.

She would then release her debut EP High Maintenance followed by her second EP, Icy in 2019. The record’s title track, My Type, climbed to the top 40 charts. Her first debut album, Pretty B*tch Music included the records Tap In and Best Friend featuring Doja Cat, which both peaked on the top 20 Billboard Hot 100 charts. She received two Grammy nominations during the 64th Annual Grammy Awards with one being Best New Artist.

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