Second Grand Juror in Breonna Taylor Case to Speak Out

by Shine My Crown Staff

Louisville activist Christopher 2X has claimed he’s been contacted by a second grand juror who would like to speak out about the Breonna Taylor case.

He says he was asked about how to speak out but that the juror wants to wait until after a hearing regarding the first grand juror who came forward with concerns about the handling of the case.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron admitted that he did not ask the grand jury panel to consider homicide charges against the officers who shot and killed Taylor in her own home last week.

An anonymous juror filed a lawsuit seeking permission to speak freely about their experiences in the grand jury room and the release of grand jury recordings and transcripts, which prompted Cameron to request extra time to release the information.

“The request being made by the Grand Juror is unprecedented, and it is important that all of the legal issues in the case are fully considered,” Cameron said in a statement. “We understand there is considerable public interest in the case, and it will ultimately be up to the Judge to determine if Grand Jurors can share information from the proceedings. We remain confident in the case we presented to the Grand Jury.”

An attorney for Taylor’s family penned an open letter to Gov. Andy Beshear, directing that a new grand jury be called to reopen her case.

“Bre was a hero, a first responder who put her life on the line every day during this COVID-19 pandemic,” Benjamin Crump wrote. “Together, we demand a new grand jury to reopen Breonna Taylor’s case, immediately.”

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