Senator Lena Taylor Could Be Cited For Disorderly Conduct After Calling Bank Teller A “House N*gger”

by Yah Yah

Milwaukee’s City Attorney is currently deciding whether or not State Senator Lena Taylor should be cited for disorderly conduct following her altercation with a bank teller last week.

According to CBS 58, the citation was originally given to Taylor by officers at the Wells Fargo branch at 735 West Wisconsin Avenue where the incident occurred, but now it’s under review.

“She had brought a check there that was given to her by a tenant and it was for a lot of delinquent rent. And Lena had gone there just to see if the check was still good,” Taylor’s attorney told CBS.

Reports state that Taylor and the bank teller got into a dispute over whether or not Taylor has sufficient funds in her account – before calling the Black female teller a “house n****r” for not cashing the check which was in the amount of $831.00.

“And then I said ‘Well Lena, before we go into it any further – because they’re making accusation of a racial slur and all this – I’d rather be in person with you. Let us look at the tape that was at the Wells Fargo Bank. Also, I understand the police had a body cam,” Bobot said.

If the Milwaukee City Attorney decides to go ahead and hot Taylor with the disorderly conduct citation, she could face a fine of up to $500.

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