Kei Hilson Offers Advice to Men Who Want a Submissive Woman

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Singer/songwriter Keri Hilson took to Twitter over the weekend to offer some sage advice to men about what they need to provide in order to receive a submissive woman.

“Men who provide emotional security & display wise leadership will get the softest, most feminine, relaxed, trusting, “guard down,” submissive, nurturing version of their woman,” she tweeted.

“Even successful, strong women want to feel safe enough to be soft. That is our true nature,” she wrote in a separate tweet, adding, “The man who makes me feel safe will have the world.”

Granted — submission isn’t for everybody. But a person feeling secure in a relationship could definitely lead to an individual feeling they can let their guard down around them.

Last month, the singer made headlines after she tweeted that she hopes her soulmate is a Black man.

“I want who God wants for me, but am I wrong for hoping my soulmate is a black man? He don’t even have to be American, I’ve dated 3 non-American black men. But I want to love a black man. Or a man of color …” she tweeted Wednesday morning.

She added, “And if he’s neither, he’d have to have a deep understanding & genuine support of my pro-blackness,” alongside a black heart emoji.

Hilson is on a high.

The two-time Grammy nominee is preparing for the release of several film projects.

“It took even me by surprise,” she told AP News. “I always dreamt of leading a film — never thought that I ever actually would or even feel capable of doing so.”

Hilson stars in the TV movie “Lust: A Seven Deadly Sins Story” — a two-film partnership between the network and Pastor T.D. Jakes.

“I love throwing myself in situations where I’m forced to grow and learn and catch up and be challenged,” said Hilson. “I’m really loving this shift that just occurred so naturally.”

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