Social Media Bashes Young Mother Who Moved Her 3 Kids To Houston In The Middle Of Winter To Chase Influencer Dream

by Grace Somes
Kiearia Jones and her three children

Kiearia Jones moved her young family from Tallahassee to Houston at the beginning of the new year to become a social media influencer.

According to KHOU-11 news, Kiearia Jones moved her three young children to Houston in the middle of winter in hopes of becoming an influencer.

Jones was thrown into the spotlight during the Mayor’s tour across Warming Centers, giving shelter to those who couldn’t find a warm place to sleep in the city.

According to the mother, she had to quickly find a safe, warm place for her children, whilst pondering over her next move.

“Get somewhere safe and warm tonight, at least until I’m able to figure out how to get home,” she said in the footage.

Answering what took her away from the comfort of her home in Tallahassee, she said she wanted to be a big-time influencer.

“This is like one of the biggest populations of social media influencers that’s kinda my go-to to become an influencer,” she disclosed.

And instead of cashing out big, Jones found herself out of cash and shelter options for her three young ones.

Kiearia Jones said she and the children stayed in a motel when they first arrived in Houston but ran out of money quickly. So, they moved around until the weather grew colder.

She called 911 when temperatures plunged and the streets were no longer safe. Responding officers took her to a Warming Center.

Unfortunately for Jones, that was the last night the shelter would be open.

“I did not know that they were closing down tomorrow. That was definitely a lot to hear,” she said.

Caseworkers are trying hard to get Kiearia Jones and her children back home. But with the roads set to re-freeze soon, that might take a while.

After the news went viral, internet users argued that Kiearia’s decision to move, with no plan, was selfish.

“I’m confused. You can be an influencer anywhere. This was a careless act on her part, uprooting kids with no plan and only to struggle because you want fame. This is a shame,” a social media user wrote.

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