Social Media Reacts To Blac Chyna’s Ex Dropping Receipts Of Tokyo Toni Sending Nudes To His DMs – “That’s Foul”

by Grace Somes
Black Chyna, Tokyo Toni and Twin Hector || Image credit: @ms.tokyotoni @twinhectorofficial @blacchyna

Apparently, Blac Chyna’s mother, Tokyo Ton, has been sneaking around, hoping to get into her daughter’s ex-boyfriend, Twin Hector’s bed.

Unfortunately, it appears the daughter’s exes aren’t off limits for Blac Chyna’s mother – at least that’s what these leaked chats suggest.

Lil Twin Hector, who dated the former star of the TV reality show “Rob & Chyna” for years before separating in 2020, shared his inbox where Tokyo Toni appeared to send him a slew of explicit selfies and videos.

In one of the stills, Tokyo Toni was covered in blankets while pleasuring herself.

Before dropping the ‘evidence’, Hector initially accused Tokyo Toni of speaking ill about him in public but would be sending him videos of her playing with herself.

The footage that started this scandal features Ms. Toni describing how toxic her daughter and Twin Hector’s relationship was and how she had to step in and save Blac Chyna from destruction.

Lil Twin Hector reposted the video with his first explosive accusation.

“Funny How my ex own mother is sending videos playing with her 🐱.. but be on the net speaking down on my name 😮‍💨 say no mo lil mama lol,” he captioned the video.

In one of the leaked chats, he shared Ms Toni threatened to take a flight just to beat up her daughter. The social media personality also allegedly revealed that her daughter was jealous of her natural body.

After the chats leaked on Instagram, internet users couldn’t believe that Toni Tokyo would do that to her own flesh and blood. Many had deep sympathy for Blac Chyna.

“Who needs enemies with a mama like that 🥴,” one user dropped.

Another wrote, “Imagine your momma being so jealous of you & hateful that she sends your 🥷🏾 naked pictures! My heart breaks for Chyna because we’re just fully seeing what she probably dealt with her whole life.”

A fan commented, “Oh woww that’s more than insane that’s delirious and she’s jealous of her own daughter, ew 😕.”

P.S. Hector has dropped a diss track titled “Ms. Toni”, which includes the DMs for everyone to witness.

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