Speculation Kamala Harris Is Trying To Force Biden Off 2024 Ticket To Run For President Intensifies After She Hires New Aide

by Gee NY

Vice President Kamala Harris has hired Brian Fallon, a well-known Biden critic, as her Campaign Communications Director for the upcoming election.

According to British tabloid, The Daily Mail, The move has fueled intense speculation about Harris’s 2024 presidential ambitions.

Fallon, who previously served as national press secretary to Hillary Clinton, has a history of expressing ageist views and openly criticizing President Biden.

Fallon’s criticism of Biden dates back to the 2019 Democratic primary debates when he mocked the president for his cognitive state, stating that:

“Biden trying to complete an answer is a tender moment.”

Fallon also pushed for then-Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to step down due to his old age.

The new hire has raised suspicions that Harris may be attempting to position herself for the 2024 presidential ticket by strategically bringing on a vocal critic of President Biden.

The move comes at a time when Democrats reportedly have no clear backup plan for the 2024 election, making Harris a potential frontrunner should Biden step down or face challenges.

Harris’s popularity with voters has been a cause for concern within the Democratic Party, as she has polled poorly and faced criticism for her handling of various issues.

Despite this, any challenge to Harris within the party could be met with accusations of racism, complicating the Democratic landscape.

The speculation about Harris’s presidential ambitions intensified after she admitted that she and Biden would have to “earn” re-election.

During a recent visit to South Carolina to file for the Democratic primary election ballot, Harris acknowledged the need to secure voter support for their re-election bid.

As the political landscape continues to evolve, Harris’s strategic hiring decisions and public statements are will be closely scrutinized.

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