Teairra Mari Fires Back At Keri Hilson – “I’m Gonna Whoop You When I See You”

by Grace Somes
Teairra Mari and Keri Hilson || Image credit: @misstmari @kerihilson

Old feud reignites a showdown showstopper!

Teairra Mari isn’t having any of Keri Hilson’s latest shade on their old situation.

So Keri Hilson recently brought up their former issue on Tank’s & J Valentine’s R&B Money podcast.

Keri decided to spill her side of their beef on the “I Ain’t Sayin’ No Names” section, where guests tell a funny and or messed up story but can’t say the names of the people involved.

The “Knock You Down” singer disclosed how she and another R&B singer clashed backstage because the singer wasn’t giving her love at one of her shows.

She called the other person “disrespectful” and “pretty insignificant”.

“Okay, so, I remember just this ‘I don’t want to be here’ energy… When you’re a performer, you know how important it is to give love to other performers, especially when you happen to be sitting on the front row,” Keri explained.

Although she did not mention names, fans suspected it was Teairra Mari she was referring to.

And Teairra Mari wasted no time confirming our suspicions with a scalding threat directly to Keri.

Teairra stormed the NeighbourhoodTak comments section. She wrote:

“Y’all, people gotta leave me alone. I don’t bother anybody, just leave me the f**k alone. So now Keri! What’s up? Wanna fight or do you not want to fight because I’m gonna whoop your a when I see you? I’m sick of people bothering me! You had a whole different story when I was in your liar bit*h!!”

Earlier, Teairra granted an interview on djscreamtv, where she addressed and explained the situation.

According to her, she picked up a phone call she couldn’t ignore while Keri was performing. She said Keri gave her a death stare and later snubbed her backstage.

All of this happened 13 years ago, so why is Keri bringing up old drama?!

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