‘The Comercializer’ CEO, Janeya Griffin: ‘There Are Little Girls Who Look Just Like Me and Need to See Someone Who They Could Be’

by Shine My Crown Staff
Voiced by Amazon Polly

Tech whiz and entrepreneur Janeya Griffin is currently making major waves as the CEO of The Commercializer.

In her role, she educates people on how to build wealth through their ideas. Griffin, a former NASA tech transfer specialist contractor, is also the co-founder of Con Creates, “a creative agency powered by those currently and formerly incarcerated, rewriting the narrative on people with a criminal background.”

The pandemic left many of us scrambling to readjust and reinvent but not entirely sure of how to make the transition.

In this collaboration video with Porshe, Griffin tells us how to maximize our true potential.

Griffin’s first piece of advice: Don’t be humble about your impact. But, do be selfless.

“We need to understand how big of an impact we have and to not be so humble about it. It’s good to know that you’re impacting people and for them to see that impact. I know that there are little girls who look just like me and need to see someone who they could be,” Griffin tells Porsche.

“That said, it’s also important to be selfless about it. I understand that with the work that I’m doing now, I may not get to experience the shade from the tree of the seeds that I planted. I may not get to go to space. But I know for sure that I’m going to educate every Black child about the resources that are available and the access that they have.”

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