Stem Non-Profit Owned By Anike Sakariyawo Receives $4 Million To Launch Smart Health Hub Initiative

by Gee NY
Anike Sakariyawo. Image Credit: Afrotech

Exciting developments are underway in Miami, FL, as plans for the Smart Tech Health Hub are set in motion, according to reports published on Tuesday, May 21, 2024.

A significant investment of $4 million has been awarded to the S.E.E.K. (Seeking Education Empowers Knowledge) Foundation Inc., a nonprofit founded by Anike Sakariyawo, to bring this innovative project to life.

With a focus on STEM education, community engagement, and health and wellness for children aged 3 to 18, the foundation aims to transform the landscape of education and healthcare in the Opa-Locka suburb of Miami.

The four-story building, set to open its doors in Opa-Locka, will serve as a beacon of opportunity for residents, children, and their families, providing access to STEAM education, workforce re-entry programs, broadband services, and essential health services.

This initiative aims to remove existing barriers to entry and create a hub for innovation and learning within the community.

Described as the “first of its kind in the city,” the Smart Tech Health Hub fills a crucial gap in the area’s technical infrastructure, offering much-needed resources and support for education and healthcare.

Spearheaded by Anike Sakariyawo and bolstered by partnerships with organizations like the Miami Foundation’s Digital Equity Collective program, the project is poised to revolutionize access to educational resources and pathways to STEM careers for individuals of all ages in the Opa-Locka community.

Anticipated to be operational by December 2026, the Smart Tech Health Hub will feature dedicated spaces for STEAM education, daily operations, and healthcare services.

The first and second floors will cater to educational programming, offering a wide range of courses and pipeline programs in fields such as agriculture, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, coding, robotics, and UI/UX design.

Meanwhile, the third floor will provide essential health services for children and their families, including vaccinations, telehealth consultations, and back-to-school boosters.

Anike Sakariyawo envisions collaboration with local public health entities, county health departments, and federally qualified health centers to ensure comprehensive healthcare access for the community.

Furthermore, the S.E.E.K. Foundation has recently partnered with South Florida Motorsports (SFM) and the City of Miami Gardens to introduce the F1 in Schools program in Miami, offering students hands-on experience in STEM fields through the construction of miniature F1 cars.

As the Smart Tech Health Hub prepares to open its doors, the future looks bright for the Opa-Locka community, with opportunities for education, innovation, and wellness on the horizon.

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