These 5 Buzzy Hair Trends Will Be *Everywhere* in 2022… Try Them Now!

by Danielle Bennett
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Even after the challenges of the past two years, I am still excited to help my clients try new things with their hair.  

Translating the latest trends for them is important to me because, during these tumultuous times, I believe an updated hairstyle represents much more. It symbolizes healing and new beginnings.

So, after studying next year’s looks, I’ve discovered they are not only refresh-worthy, they are good! Their modern take on old-school 90s vibes (complete with embellishments, colorful accessories and loads of natural texture) is both exciting and wearable. Yes, please!

And what’s even better? They are easy to do! So keep scrolling for the top five hair ideas you’ll want to wear now and next year.

1. Beads

Known as a symbol for individualism and a pushback against mainstream beauty standards, the timing for a beautiful bead moment couldn’t be better.

2. Side Parts

Move over, center parts! Sleek versions with low buns and jeweled barrettes are fresh and fun.  

3. Long Bobs

Jurnee Smollet’s slicked back, longer length (somewhere in between the chin and shoulder), is an updated return to a classic.

4. High Ponytails

Add little touches like tendrils, bright monochromatic clips or a hair bow for instant glam.

5. Braided Updos

Decorate plaits with glossy cords for brand-new, traffic-stopping style.

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