Mela Vitamins: Entrepreneur Creates Wellness Brand Tailored for Black Women’s Health Inspired By Her Personal Struggles

by Gee NY

In an inspiring journey from personal health struggles to entrepreneurship, Ashley Harmon, the founder of Mela Vitamins, has launched a multivitamin company with a specific focus on the health needs of Black women.

Harmon’s venture aims to address vitamin deficiencies, particularly vitamin D, prevalent among Black women, impacting their day-to-day health and increasing long-term risks of diseases like breast cancer and dementia.

Harmon’s health challenges began during her freshman year of college when she experienced symptoms later attributed to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and a vitamin D deficiency.

Faced with the financial burden and side effects of prescription medications, she took matters into her own hands, formulating supplements that eventually led to the creation of Mela Vitamins.

“I spent years ordering different ingredients and testing different formulas until I found a mix that worked,” shared Harmon.

Unexpectedly, her personal journey evolved into a business as she recognized the need to provide solutions for other women facing similar health conditions.

Launching Mela Vitamins amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Harmon is committed to addressing the widespread vitamin D deficiency among Black women, estimated to be between 76-90% by health institutions.

The company’s flagship product, “Daily Essentials for Women,” priced at $39.99, offers a science-based blend of nutrients, probiotics, and adaptogens designed to support overall wellness.

Mela Vitamins conducted extensive consumer focus groups, engaging with women in the community to understand their health and wellness goals.

The product focuses on key areas such as stress management, mental focus, blood sugar management, digestion, and skin/hair health.

Looking toward the future, Harmon has plans to introduce new products with the support of Glossier. Participating in Glossier’s grant program, which aims to empower and invest in Black beauty entrepreneurs, Harmon expressed gratitude for Glossier’s support in growing Mela Vitamins as the leading wellness brand for melanated individuals.

The brand aims to continue driving research and innovation in the wellness and beauty supplement industry, addressing the unique needs of the Black community.

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